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Mission Statement:

    The Mission of Vertical Heartland Climbing School is to teach rock climbing skills including, climber safety, physical movement and body awareness, technical equipment usage and methods, communication with others and respect for the vertical environment.  We believe that the experience of rock climbing can foster personal development, accomplishment, camaraderie, confidence and self control.

Who climbs with us?
VH Logo Individuals
VH Logo Families
VH Logo Co-workers
VH Logo Children 3 years and up
VH Logo School Groups
VH Logo Scouts
VH Logo Organizations
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What will I need?
Carbiner1 Comfortable clothing (appropriate for the weather)
Carbiner1 Sneakers or hikers for approach to the climbing area
Carbiner1 Light weight socks to wear with our rock shoes
Carbiner1 Sack lunch
Carbiner1 Plenty of water
Carbiner1 Camera
Carbiner1 Transportation to the climbing site
Carbiner1 Personal equipment is subject to approval by our staff

Open days and season:

Climbing services are available year round, seven days a week.  Winter sunshine on the South face area of Draper's Bluff can easily provide a 10 to 15 degree temperature increase.

Personal and group outings are scheduled by reservation.  Reservations are preferred at least two weeks in advance.  Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of a 50% deposit.  The balance is due at the time of the course, payable by check or money order.  Deposits are refundable if cancellation occurs seven days or more prior to the course.  Inclement weather can cause course postponement.

Contact us for prices and more information.

Vertical Heartland Climbing School
5050 Lick Creek Road
Buncombe, IL 62912
phone or fax at
email us at

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