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Vertical Heartland


Vertical Heartland: A Rock Climberís Guide to Southern Illinois
3rd Edition
by Eric Ulner

Vertical Heartland: A Rock Climber's Guide to Southern Illinois
~  328 pages
~  Giant City State Park (52 routes)
~  Ferne Clyffe State Park (24 routes)
~  Draperís Bluff (71 routes and boulder problems)
~  Cedar Bluff (33 routes)
~  Jackson Falls (over 315 routes and boulder problems) and the Promised Land (43 routes)
~  PlastiCoil binding
~  80# glossy paper
~  grayscale interior
~  color cover (full bleed)
~  detailed top-view cliff maps
~  many hundreds of images
- cliff wall images for guiding the reader
- climbing images for eye candy, including several images courtesy of Mike Landkroon

~ 71 pages of a comprehensive history with accompanying images: History section includes a look at the climbing clubs that were producing 99% of the climbers who were at the cliffs of Southern Illinois pre-1980, such as St. Louis Mountain Club (images dating from 1949 forward, courtesy Drs. John Dietschy and Tom Hornbein), Southern Illinois University (SIU) Speleological Society, SIU Shawnee Mountaineers, Evansville Climbing Club, and the Memphis Mountaineers. Much emphasis is placed on the Carbondale scene (images from 1962 forward).

Price: $29.95

Vertical Heartland

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